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The  People That Make  This Show  Look & Sound Better Than It Should

Dan Phenicie, Director & Producer, Adam Rabinowitz, Sound Engineer & Producer. Logos, graphic design and merch by Jason R. Matheny.

Brew Skies Happy Hour Podcast

Bret Kollmann Baker is one of the owners of Urban Artifact Brewery and a biochemist. Michael D. Morgan is an attorney and writer. Together, these two provocateurs drink way too many beers and host Brew Skies Happy Hour Podcast.


We love beer, but this is NOT a beer nerd podcast about what we like to drink or how it's made. Roughly 40 years ago, American manufacturing and small business ownership both went into decline with one exception -- craft breweries.  


In the early 1980s there were less than 50 breweries in the U.S. Today, there are close to 9,000. This podcast explores how we got here, who made it happen, why the craft beer revolution matters, and what it says about us as a nation -- our history, present and future. Join us while we interview the pioneers and legends that transformed American culture, along with historians and others that help put it all into context. ​

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